About us and our activities

The Rhino and Forest Fund is an NGO founded in early 2009 consisting of scientists and activists dedicated to the conservation of threatened flora and fauna.

The founding members are experienced in working in Borneo on, for example, a Sumatran rhino conservation project and a reforestation project (www.sabahbiodiversityexperiment.org), so we know the local situation and we have personal commitment to the amazing variety of the last rainforests of this island.

To realize our project, we seek to collaborate with other NGOs, scientists, the local authorities and the local people.

Our objectives are:

  1. Conserving biodiversity
  2. Rainforest conservation
  3. climate protection
  4. Creating pilot projects

One of our priorities is to improve the chance of survival of the last approximately 35 Bornean rhinos. But...

… is rhino conservation just about rhinos?

For us, the particularly endangered Bornean rhino is a symbol for all critically endangered species. All the objectives mentioned above can be realized within the frame of rhino conservation projects, because measures for rhino conservation have intended side effects, like general rainforest conservation, climate protection, poverty reduction and the creation of pilot projects.

Rhino conservation means rainforest conservation

Because conserving the rhinos includes conserving their natural habitat, rhino conservation means also rainforest conservation and conservation of biodiversity in general.

The Rhino & Forest Fund is not only committed to the conservation of the existing tropical forests, but in addition supports their restoration, or rather their extension through selective renaturation measures. The renaturated areas should serve as nature reserves excluded from commercial land use. Rainforest might recover only if some areas remain unused for a long period of time: thus it will be possible to provide secured habitat for endangered species.

Rhino conservation means climate protection

The reforestation of tropical forests can actively contribute to carbon sequestration to mitigate the CO2-concentration of the atmosphere, and can help to fight climate change. The planted trees will absorb considerable amounts of CO2 while growing and store it in their wood.

Rainforest conservation is probably even much more relevant because of the function of the rainforests for the global hydrological cycles. The function of a forest as a water reservoir, the permanent production of clouds, and the supply of whole regions with water are not only essential for the local climate but have global effects. Therefore, in our opinion, the restoration of the tropical forests, that are for their part endangered because of climate change, is of particular importance.

Rhino conservation means poverty reduction

The success of our projects depends significantly on the support and the sympathy of the local people. By creating and saving jobs within our projects we raise the needed acceptance for nature conservation in the surrounding villages, and anyway we want to reach our objectives together with and not without or against the local population.

Rhino conservation sets examples

Everyday about 35000 ha of tropical rainforest are destroyed. Because of deforestation, millions of people are driven away and lose the basis of their livelihood, climate change is accelerated, and up to 150 species per day become extinct. We don't just want to show that a trend reversal is necessary, we also want to show that it's possible to learn a lesson from past and ongoing forest destruction, and that it's possible – at least to a certain extent – to rebuild rainforest, together with the local people. That means we don't only exert ourselves to act against the destruction of the rainforest, but moreover we won't stop working hard to improve and extend remaining forest areas proportionally to our financial abilities.

What drives us is the knowledge of how serious the situation is and the hope that it's still possible to make a difference.

What we support in particular:

  • Rhino protection through the support of anti poaching patrols
  • Support of research related to the Sumatran rhinoceros
  • Support of breeding programmes in natural habitat
  • Tracking and translocation of isolated and endangered Sumatran rhinos
  • Extension, improvement and connection of the rhino habitats by renaturation measures
  • Protection of the rhino habitat through public relations work concerning the declaration and the respect of conservation areas


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